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Your safe space to gather, share, learn, grow in teaching anatomy and physiology.

Everybody needs a team. 

Our Team

We're taking The A&P Professor experience to the next level as a diverse community of faculty sharing our struggles and triumphs as we continue to develop as effective educators in anatomy and physiology. We have each other's back!

Your Team

Connect with others who do what you do to share ideas, insights, practical tips, and to compare notes in an online community away from distracting social media platforms, tangled email threads, and webinars.

It's great place to connect with me and other experienced mentors, to help others struggling with things you've mastered, and solidify your network of experts for the next time you need help with something. Quick.

Team Benefits

Discussions that matter. In our private space, we can have the vulnerability needed for authentic, deep discussions. Discussions not limited to a sentence or two at a time.

No ads. No spam. No fake news. No thoughtless re-shares. Just plain old connection with others who do what you do!

Privacy. The A&P Professor community has the connectivity of Facebook and Twitter, but the security of a private membership site. None of your information can be shared outside the community, so you can share what you like without it being re-shared to the world. Or your dean.

No algorithms. You get to choose what you want to see. You curate your own feed, selecting only those topics that interest you. Join subgroups that resonate with you are—or who you want to be.

 Access to mentors and like-minded peers. Our community is made up of all kinds of people from all over the world, each with different perspectives and experiences of teaching A&P. Find members near you—or far away. Connect with members online at that moment. Find members by category.

 Courses, groups, and live events. As the community grows, we'll add min-courses and micro-courses (some with earned microcredentials), live virtual office hours with Kevin and other mentors or guests, private special-interest groups, and more.

Why a Subscription Fee?

Because you may already enjoy the benefits of The A&P Professor website, blog, and podcast without a fee, you may wonder why a subscription to this community costs money. There are two main reasons.

Reason One. I'm simply asking you to pay your fair share. The infrastructure, time, and effort for those "free" resources are paid for partly from sponsorships, but mostly out of my personal teaching and writing income. I've reached my limit there. 

Reason Two. It's worth it. It's an investment in your career, in the success of your students, and in your personal satisfaction as an A&P educator. Compare our subscription cost to just one session with a consultant, with the tuition for one credit at your institution, the cost of one decent reference book, or the amount you spend in one month of internet service. What's your copay for one visit a therapist? When not distancing, how much you paying for that morning coffee? Yeah, you can see this is a bargain! 

Besides those reasons, when all members pay a fee, you know that you'll see only those who are willing to invest in themselves are here. None of the casual drop-in trolls, bullies, bots, promoters, or know-it-alls that we see elsewhere. We have guidelines and those who cannot follow them will be counseled—and perhaps removed.

Subscribers to The A&P Professor newsletter or podcast are sometimes offered special limited-time discounts, so check there first if you are a reader/listener.

Contact [email protected] for details about student or retiree membership plans. If you are in financial distress, ask about our scholarships (which may involve washing a few dishes).

Your Team is Waiting for You!

Your participation in our community will enhance the quality and depth of all our experiences here! I'm so happy that you are interested in joining us!